How to achieve fixed height of homemade quadcopters

I am a novice who has just started making quadcopters and now wants to achieve fixed altitude flight of drones. I hope to receive help here. Thank you all

Does the Altitude Control flight mode fit your needs?

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I am currently a self-made quadcopter and have written my own code. I have already debugged the attitude loop and would like to further perform altitude control. However, the PID debugging of altitude control seems to be more complicated and could easily damage the aircraft

Do you mean you’ve written your own flight controller from scratch, or do you mean a modified version of px4?

yeah, I written a flight controller from scratch, but I can’t make it fly at a fixed altitude right now

ok, so you want to use px4, or you want help on how to implement what is in px4 into your own controller?

yeah, it is the latter.