How can I read the rotor velocities on PX4 toolbox on Simulink?

I’m developing my Master’s Thesis, and I’m using the PX4 toolbox in Simulink to design a customized controller for a quadcopter.
I have done a Simulink file where I’m injecting rotor velocities into the quadcopter simulated on jMAVsim, it is lan open loop system. I have to store the system states of the open loop system
because I need them for further calculation (model validation with the mathematical models), but I have a problem.
I need also to read and store the rotor velocities because I have to check if they are the equals to the injected one. How can I read the rotor velocities? I’m using the PX4 read block on Simulink using the esc_report.msg and rpm.msg, but I read 0 as output, which is impossible because the drone takes off. How can I fix this problem?

I’m also quite new to PX4 and had a look at the toolbox. So I am not sure if it can fix it or if it is totally wrong.
So did you try to read the esc_status.msg and then choose (in a Bus selcetor or something like this) esc_rpm in the esc Drop-down menu?
I hope I was able to help you

thank you for your reply. Yes, I’ve tried, but it did’n work. I read zero which it’s impossible because ad I read from the odometry message type, the drone takes off.

Ok too bad to hear that. But it was worth a try.