How .bdat/.pdat files generated in NuttX/apps/builtin/registry/?

Hi guys

How below files are generated? This is an empty folder on git repo.

I only find the generation code for px4.bdat/.pdat , how about other files?

├── nsh.bdat
├── nsh.pdat
├── px4.bdat
├── px4.pdat
├── sercon.bdat
├── sercon.pdat
├── serdis.bdat
├── serdis.pdat
├── sh.bdat
└── sh.pdat

Anyway, I have got it.

CMakelist+Makefile generate those .bdat/.pdat files. I update a web for introduction:PX4模块设计之十一:Built-In框架_lida2003的博客-CSDN博客