How altitude sensor precision influence optical flow

Hi all,

I’m recently interested into optical flows and PX4FLOW camera that is coupled with Sonar sensor. What I want to ask is how altitude sensor precision can influence optical flow result.

For example, my sonar sensor have a range of 3m and when I go above them I’ll use a barometric sensor that have an error of +/- 1m and a drift that can go up to +/-2m (aprox. values). How this will influence my optical flow?

Also, when noise or in the case I’ll use barometric sensor starting from 1m or 2m, how this influence optical flow?

The altitude error will load linearly into your flow measurement (or rather in the conversion from radians per second to meters per second). So if your ground distance is off by 20% your velocity will be as well.

You cannot use the barometer. You need to use a sensor which gives you ground distance, not altitude.

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