HOTAS support

Hello there,

I’m a newbie dev on QGroundControl and I’ve planned to use it to test my drone (PX4) that I’m building for my end of study project

I saw that QGC as today only support Joystick that have everything integrate and doesn’t allow the use separate device (Stick + throttle block + optional rudder).

I’m using an HOTAS Warthog with a logitech rudder since I’m use to flight sim and I can’t afford a radio controller or gamepad yet (I’m more comfortable using what I know too).

Is somebody is working on HOTAS support or I need to make my own custom build ?

Hi, have you tried vjoy?

It doesn’t seem that vjoy have a Linux version (working with ubuntu)

Alternatively, you can make similar software using C (SDL for getting your controller inputs and uhid to register virtual controller) or use python with usb hid emulation to emulate a joystick with controls combined from your controller.

Well, I could do this.
But in this case I feel its more worth the time to make a custom build of QGC and improve the existent joystick control system.