Help linking the full C++ library to an android project

I need to use the full C++ version of MAVSDK on android, so I’m trying to link the library with a different C++ library that contains app-specific code and JNI Calls.
As the dockcross scripts don’t work on windows, I’ve compiled MAVSDK on a seperate linux machine to a file, and am attempting to link it. The “MAVSDK Installed Locally” category of the documentation seems incomplete, and I don’t have much experience with CMakeLists, so I would appreciate help with linking the library. I’ve used include_directories to add the header files from the GitHub release and that seems to work fine, but isn’t enough to compile.

If there’s a better way to use the full C++ api on Android or I’m missing something, please let me know, and apologies for my inexperience. Thanks for your time.