Hardware/Pixhawk Dev Call (Payload): Jan 19, 2021

Jan 19, 2021

Call Moderators

Agenda Items

  • DS-014 wrap-up and release
  • DevKit

Dail In

Direct link to the meeting:


Meeting Minutes


  • Jinger Zeng @JingerZ (Dronecode Foundation)
  • Ramon Roche @rroche (Dronecode Foundation)
  • Lorenz Meier @LorenzMeier (Auterion)
  • Andrew Smith (Gumstix)
  • Cory Schwarzmiller @Cory_S (Freefly Systems)
  • Farhang Naderi @mwbb
  • Dugan Yoon (NsDcg)
  • Jacob Christ (Apium)
  • Max (Wikifactory)

40 Pin Connector

  • Listed the distributor on the file
  • Added a direct link to both product pages for detailed information

30 Pin Connector

  • There are no current plans to pursue this connector size
  • The group decided to remove the connector

Hard Mount Mechanism

  • Removed hard-mount mechanism

Dovetail mount mechanism

Developer Kit

  • We are going to reach out to Dronecode members MMC/Viewpro (@JingerZ)

Release and next-steps

  • On the next meeting we are going to do a final review of the Standard before freezing the doc.

Errata and Feedback

Let me know below if I failed to capture anything the right way, and if there are any updates, or you have feedback on the call format.

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