Guidance and References for Creating a mixer file for Hexacopter with Tiltrotors

Hi all, I am a beginner to PX4 architecture.

I am working on a Hexacopter X type geometry, which has tilted rotors (37 deg) for full actuation in 6 DOFs.

I have gone through the PX4 documentation but find it hard to understand what changes I should make for my hexacopter mixer file, particularly to accommodate the tilt of rotors.

Can anyone please guide me to some resources or steps to do this?

I assume you want to create a hexacopter with a fixed rotor angle (so tilted rotors, the term tiltrotor is mostly used with variable motor angles). Although there is no exact example, there is an omnicopter example project. There also edxists a branch on github with the code that has been used: GitHub - PX4/PX4-Autopilot at omnicopter-testing
Just take a look at the commits labeled with “3D Thrust”.

As it uses the Control Allocator, it’s best to use at least v1.14, because there it’s used by default.
You can also take a look at a video from the developer summit 2022, where the Control Allocator along with the Omnicopter were presented. Might help you to understand what changes are needed and how to set it up in QGC.

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Thank you for this. I will go through this.