"Getting Started" needs updating or the current QGC Source needs updated

When building the source in QT Creator the error:
“dependent ‘release\qgc_pt_PT.qm’ does not exist” occurs
This file is a English localization file. It is created by
opening the qgc_pt_PT.ts file in QT Linguist and selecting release.
After copying it to the debug release and localization folders of
the source code and then to the ‘build folders’ release folder
the error stops and then a new one requiring another localization file

My question is is the current source suppose to have these files?
The instructions for building the code do not say anything about
crowdin but obviously something is broken or its use is required.

Being new to this project I don’t know what proceedures are on place for
release testing but this seems to be a very clear issue that anyone who
attempted a build would have seen. Am I missing something? Thanks again.

There is no need to do anything extra with language files to the QGC to build. It should just work. You might want to ask on Slack where there or loc people.