Gazebo SITL Hover Thrust Setting

Hello All,

I’m working on custom quadcopter VTOL model for Gazebo SITL.
I use custom values for airframe and motor for my model in SDF file.
However, at Gazebo simulation, the command, “Commander takeoff” does not lift the vehicle.
So, it seems that the thrust needs to be increased for a takeoff.
With the “Commander takeoff” command, the hover thrust setting (MPC_THR_HOVER) is set to be 0.5?
If so, how could I increase the hover thrust setting?

If somebody can answer to the above question, that would be much appreciated.

Have you tried to set the parameter via QGC? That would be the easiest solution.

Also can you maybe PM about your setup? We are currently also want to use a custom drone for sitl but have trouble to get it working…

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, setting the parameter via QGC could be an option.
But, for my better understanding, I’m still looking for a script which defines the hover thrust setting for “Commander takeoff” command.