FrSky telemetry

I use FrSky telemetry with a X8R receiver and a Taranis QX7S radio. The FC is a Pixracer R15 fro mRobotics. I have it working also for a R-XSR receiver and a Chinese clone Pixracer R14.

Having the info available on the receiver without needing any additional hardware and software is a great feature I can recommend. For some info see this link :

Referring to the info in above linked docs there are a couple of issues I have not been able to resolve. The 0420 item (distance to home) does not show up under PX4. For the “Fuel” item I can get the percentage but have found no way to display the mAh drawn mentioned in the docs.

I can add that for different installation (a F3 controller, INAV and one R-XSR) both the 0420 and mAH drawn is working.

Has anybody come across the missing 0420 labeled distance and the current drawn and if so have you found a solution? Searcing the various forums and docs I have not found any info for this question.

Maybe I should add that other items are immediately discovered by the QX7S and work great so to me this appears to be an issue with the PX4/QGroundcontrol implementation of this function.

If you don’t get a proper response, maybe you can contact ilihack directly and post the answer here.

Good luck.

This is not sent from PX4 and you would have to add it to the Firmware.

You can add that manually based on the current: add a new sensor with the name mAh, set it to Consumpt and use Curr as source.

Many thanks for taking the time to respond. I had expected to find the 0420 isensor value because it is stated in the PX4 docs (see the link in the first post). As it is listed I hope it will pop up in a future release of PX4.

I will try to add the “current drawn” sensor manually per your instruction. Even if voltage is the most useful value the current drawn is also interesting to follow and it tells a lot more than the percentage because the total capacity of a specific battery will vary and even much more so between batteries of same nominal capacity.

That is indeed a mistake and I removed it from the docs. You’re welcome to add it if you want.