Forward specific messages from Telem1 to Telem2

Hey to all.
I’m SW developer of the Entire - Camera remote and geotagging solution.
Currently I’m working on reading (and writing to EXIF of photos) of the gimbal angles at Gremsy gimbals.
Gremsy has implemented PixHawk communication, which seems to be working well, however my problem is:

I have one device (the Entire) connected to the PixHawk via for Telem1 and second one (Gremsy Gimbal) in the Telem2. Gremsy sends to the pixhawk messages MOUNT_ORIENTATION (ID 265)…

Is there any way, to request data stream of this particular data type to Telem1 for geotagging purposes? Any of predefined data streams seems not contain the mount orientation.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion or tip.

Hi dell,
Have you tried to enable theMAV_X_FORWARD parameter for the telem port? In that case every mavlink package goes into autopilot will be forward on that port (as far as the target component is not the autopilot itself). However if the package that the Gimbal sending is specifically targeting the autopilot then you may have to modify the firmware to get around…

Thanks for response! Unfortunately data from the Gimbal are not broadcast and ends at at the PixHawk, so they can not be forwarded via MAV_x_FORWARD. I have no force to Gremsy as manufacturer to change their routines (changing or adding custom mavlink messages will be impossible I think…)

My backup plan is to “sniff” data directly from the TX pin of the Gimbal (I do not need to communicate actively), however I still have a hope for some more elegant solution :slight_smile:

Any other ideas?

That seems a little bit strange to me since if I check the QGC code, there’s actually a handler for MAVLINK_MSG_ID_MOUNT_ORIENTATION message. I think that means that message will be sent to the ground station at least…

However, for you backup plan, if your “sniff” means add another wire from TX pin to RX of your device, I have some hard experience on that. I used to do the same thing on the Gremsy gimbal and it seems not working properly. Maybe some fan-out problem in my guess.

Another walk around could be, if your team are ok with modifying the firmware of Px4, you may try too manually forward that message in that message handler inside the firmware. Maybe sounds creepy since you need to modify the firmware so you may need to give some decent test on that.

Sorry I could not give more useful advise for now, and I also want to learn if there’s some more clean solution :wink: