Flight simulation

I would like to simulate fixed wing UAV using JSBSim. I did not find any resource for guide. can anyone help me?

A two minute google search came up with this. JSBSim Simulation | PX4 User Guide

On ubuntu I had no problem following the user guide; on macOS still some problems to be solved.

These links may be useful:



Thank you Mr_Madsen. I have gone through it. But it’s not clear enough for me to simulate as per my requirement on Linux machine. I will put my point specific in further messages.

Thank you nicobatta. I’ve gone through the online manual. But I still didn’t obtain how to make simulation as per my requirement.

What are your requirements, if that is not good enough?

fuselage of cuboid shape.

Is there a reason you want to implement that in JSBSim instead of for example Gazebo?

Yeah. To model the aircraft with higher accuracy.

Okay, unfortunately, I don’t know enough about JSBSim to help you.

I appreciate your efforts to guide me, Mr_Madsen.

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Hi, I’ve worked on a JSBsim model of a UAV in the previous weeks and gained some experience since my last post here.

According to what I’ve learned, I think that the main effects of the cuboid shape fuselage should be modeled in the aerodynamic description: it’s the only place in which shape effects are considered since they produce forces and moments.

You can start from one of the models included in the JSBsim bridge (or in the aircraft folder in JSBsim repo) and modify it accordingly to your specific case.