Flight Characteristics Changes After Updating to V1.9.0

I just pulled the latest firmware version on my newest build. The build has been flying great and still does fly great other than the following issues:

  1. Slow takeoff:
    To better explain this, after I give my quad a takeoff command, I am used to my quad taking off very quickly (almost violently) and then gently hovering at the specified takeoff altitude. Instead, the quad very easily and slowly lifts itself to the position.

  2. Yaw on takeoff:
    about 50% of the time, the quad seems like it slows motor 4 causing the craft to yaw 90 degrees, and corrects itself to the starting azimuth as it approaches the takeoff set point.

  3. Violent rotations
    We have a companion computer on board our quad. It is supposed to turn in 20 degree increments (has been working for 6-8 moths daily), but now the craft snaps to the azimuth in one go.

Has anyone else experienced these issues or other issues when updating the to the newest firmware version (V1.9.0)?

I do have a fleet of these drones, but luckily I haven’t re-flashed all of them, but this did happen of 2 previously well flying builds.

i believe #1 was an intentional ‘fix’ for 1.9.
read the “done” topics for “smooth takeoff fix” in release blockers