Firmware make eagle_default Error

I’m trying to run make eagle_default to setup the firmware forked from here:

I’m getting an error that says:

Firmware/build/qurt_eagle_default/src/modules/systemlib/param/px4_parameters.c:5221:12: fatal error: implicit conversion from ‘long long’ to ‘int32_t’ (aka ‘long’) changes value from 3890735079 to -404232217

After manually casting that to an (int) and running make eagle_default again I now get the error:
Firmware/build/qurt_eagle_default/src/firmware/qurt/px4muorb_skel.c:153:10 fatal error: ‘remote.h’ file not found

I then run:
make clean

and then run:
make eagle_default

again, and I get the error about converting from ‘long long’ to ‘int32_t’ again.
If anyone has had this issue before or has any insight into the problem, it would be greatly appreciated. I’m doing it on bash on windows 10.


in the file:

on line 100 is:

right below that line add:

save it, and running:
make eagle_default

from the Firmware directory should now work. Hope this helps someone in the future!