Error handler output window (UI)

Good day to all! I am an amateur in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles and at the moment I am studying and in parallel trying to customize the UI of QGroundcontrol. At the moment I’m stuck in the search for the sources of such an interface element as the error output window (I’ll attach a screenshot below). Can someone give at least some insight into how to interact with this window? I set myself the task of hiding this window and creating a new one, to which MAVLINK messages will be redirected with further analysis of the errors I need. And if it is possible, then given a detailed hierarchy of all (QML) UI elements, is there any documentation or article that would make it easier to work with this? I would be very grateful as I am new to this topic. (And if possible, then for version QGC 4.0 and the current one, if any. Since I chose 4.0 for study.)