QGroundControl UI

I am new to open source drone technology and I love it. With all the due respect to all the amazing people who have put their time into developing the software being used today, and not meaning to demean their hard work, I would like to know if there is any possibility that the UI of QGC can be improved to look slightly better than the current UI?

Can I ask what specifically the UI is lacking? There are some additional setup pages that would be nice - but what page/screen are you mainly focusing on.

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Thanks for responding. I feel that the UI as seen in the screen is too congested with all the items right in the middle of the screen. Allow me to sketch on using a graphic design software and share later today to show you what I have in mind.

Actually I have realized whatever I had in mind that needed some clean UI was the Mission Planner UI, not QGround Control. I had gone over both of them and realized one of them looks bad, but I got confused. Sorry for the confusion. I will edit my comment