Error erasing flash with vFlashErase packet for pixracer

Hi, all

I uploaded this topic again since no one did not respond to it.
If it is a pixracer board failure problem, please let me know. Then, I can buy a new board.

I am using black magic probe as gdb controller and trying to upload a new firmware on pixracer.
I have uploaded a firmware on pixhawk multiple times. So, I think I am familiar with firmware uploading via gdb.

However, I could not upload firmware with this error message.
-> Error erasing flash with vFlashErase packet

PS1. Note that I updated black magic probe firmware due to multiple firmware uploading failure. However, I couldn’t solve this problem.

PS2. There is no uploaded firmware and bootloader on my pixracer. So, I may not be able to upload firmware via “qgroundcontrol” or “make px4fmu-v4_default upload”

Do you have another black magic probe or dev environment to try? Is it failing on multiple pixracers?

@david_s5 any tips?

Just that the BMP should have the latest FW. The only other thing to try is using a st-link or Jlink and do the factory reset.

@dagar I have only one BMP (v1.0 HW with the lastest FW) and one pixracer. I tried that on different host machine but it does not work. Note that my dev environment works well with pixhawk2 board.

@david_s5 My BMP runs on the latest FW. As you said, I may be able to try st-link or jlink.

To both: BTW, can you confirm that pixracer usually work well with BMP? If so, my pixracer potentially has some problem.

I can confirm I’ve got the same issue with a pixracer. Haven’t tried with pixhawk.
Also running with v1.0HW

However don’t know if I’ve got the latest FW or not, is there a way to interrogate the unit to find out?