Enabling Cyphal for cubeorangeplus target


I am trying to add Cyphal support to the cubeorangeplus. I have added the cyphal.px4board file from fmu-v5, but am still trying to figure out how to properly configure the build as mentioned by @PonomarevDA here. After reading the documentation on NuttX Board Porting Guide and PX4 Board Configuration, I am unsure how to properly generate the nuttx config similar to fmu-v5/nuttx-config/cyphal/defconfig.

Stumbling through menuconfig (i.e., make cubepilot_cubeorangeplus_cyphal menuconfig), I noticed Application Configuration > CAN Utilities is empty, whereas for fmu-v5, I see CAN utility library, libcanard UAVCAN v0 Library, and OBD-II Library as options able to be selected. I am unsure if I am even on the right track here.

Any help would be extremely appreciated!

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