Dry-run of a boat mission

This is probably an odd question, but I’m setting up PX4 and QGC to control a small RC boat. Manual control works and now I want to try a mission. Problem is I don’t have anything to test in-between my bathtub and the ocean. So I’d like to do a dry-run in my back yard where I carry the boat in my hands and follow the commands of the PX4. E.g when it turns the rudder to the right I’ll turn right and when it runs the motor faster I’ll walk faster…
My question is whether it’s possible to display the PWM values in QGC so I don’t have to hook up the servo and ESC and can just look at my tablet display to see what PX4 is commanding? For the rudder this is not too important but running the motor dry is not a good thing.

QGC has a “Mavlink Inspector” under Widgets. This will show you the mavlink traffic to the ground station. Possible the information you want is in one of those messages.

Ah, thanks, I hadn’t even noticed the widgets menu! (Nor the file menu for that matter.) How do I access the widgets on the android version of QGC?

Widgets are only available in desktop builds, sorry.