Dronekit with px4 example

Dose anyone now how the writer got this line. I am looking for the value for takeoff



DroneKit was mostly developed for ArduPilot.
I suggest to consider mavsdk.mavlink.io.

Thanks for the reply. Dose MAVSDK read and set airspeed? I am using python and I did not see it in the telemetry.py or the action.py files.

If it is not in there would it be hard to add? I assume it have to be added to the C back end and the python front end.

Right, I don’t think that’s exposed in C++ and therefore neither Python. First step would be to add it to the C++ telemetry plugin. Contributions would be welcome!

Note that you should have ground speed though. I assume that’s not enough?

Okay thanks, Unfortunately I need to be able to set and read airspeed.

I mange to get Dronekit to change mode. After reading I found there has been a lot done to DK fro compatibility with PX4.

Modes can now just be called as if they were for APM but using these names so I dont have to set up my own command long message.

We are open for contributions to add airspeed to the telemetry data: