Drone not taking Stick Inputs in position mode when Collision Prevention is enabled

Hi all, I am testing collision prevention function of PX4 for an indoor multicopter using a 2D LiDAR

Hardware: Cube Orange
PX4 Version: 1.14.0 (Stable Release)
Companion Computer: Raspberry PI
Distance Estimator: YD LiDAR
Position Estimate: ARK Flow

As mentioned above, the drone is not accepting stick movements in position mode when collision prevention is enabled. Initially I did a couple of test with collision prevention enabled, the test was fine and collision prevention was working. The I felt the drone needed a little bit of tuning and tuned it a little bit and then the drone is not taking any stick input in position mode. I disabled collision prevention from parameters and the drone is taking stick input in position mode.

The problem is the drone was accepting inputs previously before I did tuning even when CP was enabled, but then it is not taking if CP is enabled (1) and only take’s if CP is disabled (-1 & 0).

Here are the logs:


I had similar issue when I was testing with master build and thought it was something to do with the code and had reported for it along with logs in the discord dev-team channel.

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