Drone can't move in horisontal in Position mode

Drone flying good in Manual, Stabilized, Altitiude mode. But in Posyion mode such situation: Drone take off good, it keep altitude and it’s position. When i am trying to move it (by right stick, ROLL and PITCH) , it little shake and no move in horisontal . (It’s behavior like a it wants to move but can’t , and return in previous position)

Can you publish a log?

Our pilot has reported same behavior, log is on https://logs.px4.io/plot_app?log=425e2a6c-e1b2-4cd0-9616-00f40cca6bb0 and video is on https://youtu.be/hh6OIzrueyM

May be, this is due to bad PIDs MPC_XY_P, MPC_XY_VEL_*_ACC, but we can not check this hypothesis just now.