Drifting in position mode


I am trying to do a hover test using UWB devices.

The drone is stable when in Altitude mode, however as soon as change to position mode, it drifts in one direction.

Sometimes It will hold position for some seconds before drifting. Any ideas on what to do?

I am using firmware 1.15beta1. The following are my logs:



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Any ideas on what should I do?


May I know details about your hardware setup?


Its a small indoor drone frame using generic quad copter.

I have 4 anchors and 1 tag placed onto the drone, which is providing me the x,y location my height reference is lidar lite.

My drone is holding position in arkflow however when I change to UWB devices it drifts in one position, but sometimes holds for a few seconds.

Even when provide hardcoded x,y position (0,0) for local position it does not hold.

Can you suggest any potential fix or reasons why it does not hold position?


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