Draco-R High-Performance Research Drone


Features and benefits
• Modular parts
o Easy-to-replace powertrain. No more soldering hassles.
• Fully assembled and ready-to-fly
o Avoid the headache and uncertainty of building a drone from scratch. Draco-R is fully assembled, tested, and ready to fly, right out of the box.
• Integrated Jetson TX2 (or Nano)
o Auvidea J120 carrier board
o Draco-R’s flight controller is tightly integrated with the Jetson onboard computer.
• Powerful powertrain
o Inherits the speed of the award-winning Draco racing drone, Draco-R easily reaches speeds of over 100km/h
• Smart battery
o The SMBUS-based battery provides you with detailed information without calibrating the current sensor, unlike with most drone batteries
• Payload mount bay
o Draco-R gives you a mounting plate for a wide variety of payloads
• RTK-GNSS ready
o Draco-R can be equipped with RTK-GNSS (optional)
• Computer vision ready
o Draco-R is tested with most Intel RealSense products including VIO-based indoor navigation and obstacle avoidance.
• Hot swap between desktop and field
o Keep implementing your ideas without interruption! Draco-R supports hot swap and online battery charging while you run a companion computer on your desktop



I am curious on what this means? Does this mean there is a way to trasnfer the configuration of the jetson on the Draco-R to the desktop?


Hi Jaeyoung, Thank you for your question. Yes, you are correct. You can transfer the configuration on the Jetson on the Draco-R to your desktop.


@CommodoreSpaceCat Can you explain how this is done? Also the link for the product is missing…