Difference between APM and PX4

i’m trying to get the difference between APM and PX4. Would be nice someone could point out some differences from the functional point of view.

As far as i understood PX4 is made for 32bit hardware and APM has its name from the well know 8bit-Arduino Platform but APM runs also on 32bit hardware.




Is this question to hard or to easy? I’m still interested on the difference between APM und PX4.

At this point the functionality is quite similar, so it’s like asking “PC vs Mac”. I personally don’t know anyone that regularly uses both, so if you get an answer it’s probably going to be biased one way or the other.

Do you have any particular requirements?

i have no particular requirements. I just want to use the state of the art Firmware and i like to understand thinks i use.

Is there a story behind px4 and apm beside the facts i already mentioned? Is PX4 a fork of APM?

Hi can I I use an app for board or do I have to buy a pixhawk?
Thanks mat

Sorry I meant APM .
I can’t actually see what I’m typing on my tablet

I would recommend reading the PX user guide.
For the PX4 software stack you have to use one of these flight controllers: http://px4.io/docs/flight-controller-selection/