/dev/ttyS'n' mapping to UART'm' mapping

I am trying to configure a teensy with very basic FMU io. The hardware has 4 UART connections using interfaces for UART1, UART2, UART6 & UART7. I wanna make sure I understand how the RTOS assigns a particular UART to a particular /dev/ttyS’n’ device…
As far as I can tell, the console (if any) can be assigned to any of the uarts. In my case, menuconfig establishes CONFIG_LPUART7_SERIAL_CONSOLE. So UART7 maps to /dev/console as well as /dev/ttyS0. After that, each enabled uart sequentially is assigned the next /dev/ttyS’n’, so for me my mapping would be:

LPUART7:   /dev/console & /dev/ttyS0
LPUART1:   /dev/ttyS1
LPUART2:   /dev/ttyS2
LPUART6:   /dev/ttyS3

Does that make sense?