Controlling gimbal with ros node in sitl for typhoon h480

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I want to control the gimbal mounted on the hexacopter Typhoon H480 in gazebo px4 sitl using a ros node. I have already looked in this documentation for gimbal but it doesn’t tell about controlling using a ros node. I need this for tracking a moving object with the camera on the gimbal. Any help will be appreciated.

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Thank you very much!

@Jaeyoung-Lim I went through the example and it is wonderful. I am able to control a single vehicle Typhoon H480 hexacopter’s mounts using the given topic.
I wanted to use the gimbal mechanism on a custom multirotor design and use the gimbal from Typhoon H480’s sdf file following the previous discussion linked below:

However, for multiple vehicles, I wanted help in how to configure the mavlink interface plugin:
to be able to interface with multiple vehicles? I am thankful for any guidance.

Hi, I am also working with adding a gimbal to a custom vehicle. According to the example of typhoon_h480, I created a copy of 1030_plane and and a copy of in /Firmware/ROMFS/px4fmu_common/init.d-posix. Then I created a copy of plane directroy in /Firmware/Tools/sitl_gazebo/models with adding H480’s gimbal parts(link and plugins) to the plane’s sdf document. I can control the gimbal on H480 with ros message /mavros/mount_control/command but it doesn’t work on my own vehicle. Is there something I missed?

Hi @citrusboy1997 Maybe the plugins aren’t connected/being called appropriately? I am using them on the Typhoon model itself. If you detect the problem anytime please let me know as well.

Hi, I just figured it out how to add a gimbal to iris, but it still doesn’t work with my custom fw model.