Control Velocity - Onboard code

Hey all,

I am writing a piece of code that is going to be used to control the velocity of a quadrotor (by setting velocity setpoints).
This is similar to offboard control, however i had to write my own serial comms code (overriding Mavlink) due to the 120Hz data transfer I needed - to my TX2.

What flags/etc do I need to set to control the quadrotor autonomously under velocity control without Mavlink?

Currently I have this (interpreted from mc_pos_control):

  _v_mode.flag_control_velocity_enabled = true;
  _v_mode.flag_control_climb_rate_enabled = true;
  _v_mode.flag_control_offboard_enabled = true;
  _v_mode.flag_control_auto_enabled = true;
  _v_mode.flag_control_manual_enabled = false;
  if (_v_mode_pub != nullptr) {
    orb_publish(ORB_ID(vehicle_control_mode), _v_mode_pub, &_v_mode);
  } else {
    _v_mode_pub = orb_advertise(ORB_ID(vehicle_control_mode), &_v_mode);

Is there anything I am missing, or need to remove?