Contrast of QGC drop down menus

In the drop down menus such as airframe selection it is very difficult to make out the selections as the text color (white?) is almost the same as the very light grey drop down box color. Can this be changed by user somewhere in QGC? Either text or box color?

Combo Boxes should show the currently selected item with a check mark not a color change. This has been broken for a while (checkmark missing). Latest daily builds has it fixed.

When you are selecting a frame type in qcg wizard for instance, you click on quad frame. A drop down menu opens with the various x quad selections in white text on a light grey background. You can barely make out the text. As you roll over the various selections they become highlighted in bright yellow and then selection text is totally unreadable. I found qgc layout options and tried the “outdoor” scheme. That theme helped with the text but layout didn’t look nearly as pretty as “indoor” setting. That is one ugly brown color that somebody chose for “outdoor” scheme :smile:

Thanks for your reply it is appreciated!

Can you enter a GitHub issue with a screenshot?

Entered QGC issue with screenshot. Hopefully they will see what I mean. Looking at it on a 42" hdmi monitor so there is no problem seeing it.