CLI build on Debian

I am trying to build QGC on Debian Sid. I can build using QT creator. qmake is failing with Unknown modules(s) in QT when I follow instructions for CLI build at

I installed a number of Debian QT packages (e.g. libqt5svg5-dev) and the corresponding errors disappeared. Should I track down the list of Debian packages for missing QT libraries, or should I be able to use the libraries that QT Creator has installed?

ari@deb-xps:~/qgroundcontrol/build$ qmake ../
Project MESSAGE: Qt version 5.15.2
Project MESSAGE: Linux build
Project MESSAGE: Daily Build
Project MESSAGE: QGroundControl Development master:eed01015a 2021-03-02 15:34:13 +0000
Project MESSAGE: Release flavor
Project MESSAGE: Using Default QtLocation headers
Project MESSAGE: Skipping support for Pairing
Project MESSAGE: Using MAVLink dialect 'ardupilotmega'.
Project MESSAGE: Skipping support for Zeroconf (unsupported platform)
Project MESSAGE: Looking for Airmap in folder "/home/ari/qgroundcontrol/libs/airmapd", variant: "Qt.5.15"
Project MESSAGE: Taisync disabled
Project MESSAGE: Microhard disabled
Project MESSAGE: Skipping support for video streaming (GStreamer libraries not installed)
Project MESSAGE: Installation instructions here:
Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: location positioning qml quick quickcontrols2 quickwidgets texttospeech multimedia serialport location-private positioning-private charts x11extras waylandclient