Changed Struct

Hi everyone,
I’ve some old modified PX4_Firmware (v1.10.2) and would like to move to a newer Firmware version (1.12.3, because I use Simulink(R2023a) and the UAV Toolbox and the corresponding Support Package for PX4.).
As expected I’m getting errors about missing parts, sometimes it’s just renamed and sometimes it’s moved to a diffrent location or something similar.
Now I have problems with the position_setpoint_s struct.
The old version still had x,y,z (as floats) variables, the v1.12.3 doesn’t have them anymore. does anyone know where they were moved to or what replaced them?

Is there any information I can give you to better understand my problem or help me?
This is my first post in this forum, so I’m sorry if something elementary is still missing to be able to understand it.

It might be tricky to get help because it’s been a couple of years, even v1.12 is pretty old for maintainers working with v1.13 or mostly v1.14.

I can suggest to use git blame on the v1.12 branch to figure out how changes came about, e.g.:

And because it’s a removal, this one is a bit tricky but it turns out to be one of the most “recent” changes:

which then links to the PR:

It’s not always conclusive but should hopefully help.

I was already afraid that the version was too old, so that somebody can help me. Thanks for your help anyway. Maybe I will find something useful on the linked pages :smiley: