Change QGC Default Settings

I would like to change the default map provider from Bing to Google.

I know this can be changed in Application Settings → General. However, I was wondering what the proper approach would be to change the default parameter so it always boots into my settings.

Following this: QGroundControl UI customization - #6 by chodjo , I see that:

  • the mapProvider value is used by src/FlightMap/FlightMap.qml
  • it is constructed or set in src/Settings/
  • it is defined in src/ui/preferences/GeneralSettings.qml : property string _mapProvider: QGroundControl.settingsManager.flightMapSettings.mapProvider.value
  • the default value is provided by src/Settings/FlightMap.SettingsGroup.json (this is what I need to change?)

Therefore, I can just change the json value for mapProvider in FlightMap.SettingsGroup.json and when I reboot QGC (either with clear settings arg or deleting the existing .ini file found in ~/…/.config/ Daily.ini") it will default to Google? Is this the proper way to do this?

I’m not sure how to follow the “custom build example” way on the docs to make this change.