Can't find any information on MicroSD File system - Please help if able


I have been trying to find any information on how to get the micro SD card to have a filesystem on it.
In this video at around 1:13, he’s using a micro SD with a filesystem and changing files on it.

Where do I get these files and is there any special way to setup the SD card for this? I haven’t found any information on this yet but would be greatly appreciative if someone could point me in the right direction.


Hi Sean, so usually it’s enough if the card is just FAT32 formatted, and that should do it.

If you’re on Linux you can use a tool like gparted or gnome-disks to do that.

Hi Julian, thanks for the reply. I have been able to get the sd card to happily work in a PX4, however what I’m trying to do is replicate the above video method to get my IMU stream to publish at 200 Hz to MAVROS. Logs appear on the sd card, however I am hoping to find out how to get the file system with /etc/ folder and the relevant PX4 files on to that sd card. I did do a clunky method with gparted (creating a boot and rootFs partition and manually putting a few files/folders in), however I imagine there must be a proper way to get that file system on there. Any tips? Thanks again, Sean.

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