Can I balance different size motors / props based on thrust?

I’m going to try again to design a vtol plane that looks good. This time the basic model will be a Funstar , scaled up and modified for a front fan and two rear fans. If the front fan is a higher kv motor running a smaller prop than the two rear motors do I need to try to get the same thrust figures at a given throttle percent, or just use mixers later to provide the right thrust to each motor to be stable?

While typing this I realized that having three motors equidistant from the cg may not be right on a tricopter. or I may not be able to get all three motors in the right places. I need to do more reading on that. My initial thought is to only tilt the two wing fans for forward flight but I realize that could cause a lot of bad things to happen in forward flight. I’ve got to try it though, If it doesn’t work with a direct pivot I may try swing down EDFs. I really want something like 9" props in a duct sitting in each wing, then tilts the whole duct/motormount along it’s centerline. Has anyone treid it?

EDF pods that would be just below the wing for forward flight. I didn’t want to have to adjust for the CG changing due to the tilt mechanism if possible.