Calling hexacopter to specific location

tl;dr: drone gets location from my phone, flies to me wherever I am in a ~15km radius.
I want to build a hexacopter for simple “package delivery”.(getting stuff from one place to another)
All I need it to do is get my location from my phone, take off from my house and come to me.
Location would be set at the time I need it and I wouldn’t have access to a computer to program it.
Is something like this possible?
The full procedure would go something like this:
-I send my location with an app on my phone, or set the location to where I am going. The drone just
needs to accept coordinates.
-Automatic cargo loading system attaches the load to the drone. The autoload system is not relevant
to this discussion. Maximum load would be around 2.5-3kg
-Drone goes in the air and comes to the specified location. Maximum distance would be around 10-
-Manual landing from app on my phone or automatic landing.
-Drone goes back to home position and automatically docks for charging.

I am a beginner and do not expect this to be easy to make.
I already looked a bit into the PixHawk 4 flight controller.
Is it possible to do something like this with the PX4 or do I need a different controller.

Other details:
-Raspberry Pi 4B for receiving location through internet, and sending data to drone.
-Autoload system only attaches a small bag on a hook on the drone.
-Docking station has charging connectors that connect to drone.
-Location needs to be accurate to 1-2meters, don’t need something with extreme precision.