BVLOS in Canada

Hi everyone,

I’m building a drone in Canada and I’m wondering if PX4 is rated for Beyond Visual Line of Sight in Canada.
I went on the Transport Canada website (the regulatory agency of Canada) but I’m better off looking for that information under my Christmas tree. ): Basically it’s impossible to find what autopilot is rated for BVLOS.
Honestly I love TC but it can be a little annoying to find information on their website

Does anyone know if the PX4 is rated for BVLOS? And if you don’t, do you know where I could find that information?


Check this video

This is a cool video but it does not answer my question…
I’m wondering if it’s actually certified or not. In the video it says that the team is currently working with partners from Canada but it does not say if it’s actually certified for BVLOS flight.

Thanks anyways

You can attach 4g or 5g module along with pixhawk to make it as a bvlos flight.