Building QGroundControl Failed on JetsonNX


I am using Jetson NX board and i want to build QGroundControl on it.
I used the following command to build Qt-5.15.2.

tar -xpf qt-everywhere-src-5.15.2.tar.xz
cd qt-everywhere-src-5.15.2/
./configure -xcb -skip qtwebengine
make -j4
sudo make install

After building Qt.5.15.2 i used qmake to configure the build as stated in QGroundControl docs.

After a while i get the error shown below while compiling.

cp: canot stat '/usr/local/Qt-5.15.2/lib/*': No such file or directory
Makefile:2868 recipe for target 'staging/QGroundControl' failed
make: *** [staging/QGroundControl] Error 1

How can i solve this problem ?* was installed using the package manager.