Bind error to a different ip address

I am running my Dronecode-based program on an ODROID-XU4 board and I would like to test it using an instance of the jMavsim simulator running on my desktop computer.
I noticed that, when I try to connect to an ip address different from localhost (i.e. ./droneManager udp://, the library reports the following bind error:

[09:52:00|Error] bind error: Cannot assign requested address (udp_connection.cpp:82)

Has anybody experienced the same issue? In accordance with the Droncode’s reference guide it should be possible to connect to a simulator running on another pc.

Thank you!

Here’s an answer on StackOverflow regarding SO_REUSEADDR, which might help.

Thank you @RagnarRainMaker. In the meantime, I solved the problem by making my own udp proxy. :wink: