Attitude setpoint to rate controller?

Hello, currently i’m studying the VTOL code for my graduation project, and I’m lost for a while at the point where the attitude setpoint published at v_att_sp is supposed to be fed to the respective rate controllers for the FW and MC. In the main attitude controller file (vtol_att_control_main), after the attitude setpoint is received from the separate controllers and chosen based on the state, the function fill_actuator_outputs() is called which to my understanding weights the rate commands going to the mixer, so where exactly is the attitude setpoint is fed to the rate controllers to generate the respective rates setpoint ?

Hi eldewany,

I think you are looking for the rate module? It is in src/modules/mc_rate_control/…

The vtol_att_control is just used as the “connection/mixer” between the full FW flight control and the full MC flight control. The actual control values are calculated in different modules.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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