Ark cannode actuator setup

Hi all
Having problems setting up an Ark cannode for actuating 2x servos
It’s a octacopter with 8 motors configured on Pwm Main 1-8 and I want 2 actuators setup using the Ark cannode for a servo gimbal over uavcan.

Once I have configured the UAVCAN Actuator tab in QGC and also set the matching PWM_MAIN_FUNC1 = to gimbal pitch I see the servo go to it’s neutral position but It is not stabilized nor can I control it from the assigned button on the joystick.
Have also attempted to configure all the MOUNT params.
Is there any documentation regarding setting up actuators over CAN with the Ark cannode? or if someone can provide any guidance on setup would be greatly appreciated.
Here is a block diagram of my setup

Hi Alex. Can you take a look at this PR.

@AlexKlimaj thanks for the info, got it all working

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