Application not running

I have built the application with QtCreator without any problems, but when I run it, any way, it does absolutely nothing. At the command line, the command prompt returns immediately and the program’s exit code is 0.

I am on Ubuntu Wily. Any ideas?


ps. I should add that the appImage version works, but I would like to have a build from source working too so I can start customizing…

Digging: the problem is sharedMem.create at returning false.

Okay, well that turned out that an old, crashed process left shared memory stuck in the system, and all attempts to re-start the application saw that and assumed another instance was already running. Final solution was to re-boot the (virtual) machine.

I’m just left annoyed that someone has gone to all the trouble to implement the run-guard to prevent multiple instances of the application running at the same time (which is laudable as they would work against each other), but didn’t bother writing even one line of code to inform the user what was going on, instead just exiting with a success code and otherwise utter silence.