Apparent hang on Android with tile Set import or export

QGC 4.1.1 64 bit, Android 12

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and Pixel 3a

Install QGC from play store.

Application settings map provider/type: Google/Hybrid

App permissions: Camera, Files and media, Location, and Nearby devices

Offline maps → Add tile set → Export → Select all → Export

At this point the export does not proceed to the file save dialog.
If I touch the cancel button QGC will return to the tile set display.
However, if I touch back in the upper left I am returned to the main display but it is darkened and QGC will not respond to any other inputs. I have to close and reopen the application before it will respond to inputs again.

This occurs both with/without a USB storage device connected to the Android device.

Similar behavior with import. I get the append/replace dialog and when I touch the import button the import file dialog does not appear. If I touch back in the upper left the behavior is the same as for export.

The problem occurs on both the Samsung tablet and the Google phone