Analyze mantis q log from android

dearr log gurus… I need help, my drone and my happiness from flying it. isr at your mercy logs are unreadable by px4. flight review as they are not in ulog or tlog format. i can get them in KML kmz, sensor datainto Excel CSV file we’re having a hard time plotting them to understand what happened or even if the data is correct. as it is not at the location of its last GPS coordinate that I have. which would be on top of a building or in between buildings in the industrial park near my house. I don’t know what the behavior is should it lose connection to the controller and have at least one recorded position on its way there as the return flight data is unavailable or sitting on the SD card in the drone. my problem begins with compass messages that I did not hear being my sound was turned down, a controlled disconnect reconnect multiple times I think without my knowledge, the being in sport mode unknowingly that the drone will not auto return home without proper home location data, correct compass data and out of sport mode. so I will attach my log files please see what is possible as there is plenty of daddy here to see what I may have done wrong, but is there enough data to find out the mission it went on on its own not really just sarcastically… files that are encoded or original files untouched unencoded human readable files have been extracted using q500 log a utility made by user and another form to extract files from the encoded files minimal data for my drone model unfortunately

beer on me if you can give me the coordinates to my treasure lololol really not laughing though…

thanks in advance

Drive fylogs

I don’t think sufficient data is there to really investigate the issue. If you can get a ulg and upload it to we’ll be able to take a closer look.

problem being i assume the ulog or tlog files if they exist ewould be on the microsd (that is in the drone) there is data there just im no porogrammer from yuneec someopne allready deciphered the encoding. i think i have more files from my phone but it originated from the encoded files as well. check the folder again i added the complete flylog folder. these are the only data files generated from thne app. q500logfrom this thread `