Aircraft overspeeding in climb

Hello all,

I’ve been using PX4 1.10.0 in HIL environment with X-plane, and I’ve seen that the aircraft over-speeds during climb. The TECS speed-altitude priority parameter “FW_T_SPDWEIGHT” has been set to 2 to prioritize airspeed control, and the airspeed settings are as follows.

Trim = 12 m/s (FW_T_AIRSPD_TRIM)
Maximum = 14 m/s (FW_T_AIRSPD_MAX)
Minimum = 11 m/s (FW_T_AIRSPD_MIN)

The issue problem I’m facing is that the aircraft overspeeds during climb from 1000 m AMSL to 3000 m AMSL, and the airspeed exceeds the max limit of 14 m/s and stays at around 18 m/s. However, the airspeed is maintained well with the max airspeed during descent.

I’m unable to find the cause of this issue and any feedback/ input for resolving this issue is greatly appreciated.