Aground control lock

Hi newbie just on .Is there a way to lock the settings in qgroundcontrol to stop people changing them ? Our company has purchased 3 Bluerov 2 Rovs and they are all setup before going on a job ,but some of the staff like to fiddle with the settings offshore and mess things up then they have to return them to get setup again .Can I lock the settings to stop them fiddling .Many Thanks

There’s basically two ways to go about it. You can build QGroundControl such that it has reduced access to parameters, or you can mark parameters as read only.
The guide for custom QGroundControl is here: Custom Builds · QGroundControl Developer Guide
Read-only parameters:
APJ Tools for Custom Parameter Defaults — Dev documentation
Neither is foolproof. A user who doesn’t like the limitations of custom QGC could simply download and use a standard version. A user who doesn’t like read only parameters can flash a different firmware.