About changing the id value of Heartbeat Mavlink Message


I want to change the id value of Heartbeat message through Mavlink generator.

Does the “id” value of the heartbeat have to be ‘0’? Or is it okay to change the id value?


I think heartbeat has some special things going on with the mavlink_version field: https://github.com/mavlink/c_library_v2/blob/fb63e02e2295bf1c750bc7a66c0e3a31fb8ed16d/minimal/mavlink_msg_heartbeat.h#L13
I’m not sure if that would matter.

My question to you would be: why would you need to do that? If I understand your actual task/problem, I can probably be of better help.

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I’m glad to see you.

I wanted to make sure that only certain Flight Controllers can be accessed from the custom QGC I made myself.

I changed the value of Heartbeat to another value and connected it through usb and confirmed that it works.