A new problem of my pixhawk4

board : pixhawk4
i have calibrate my esc and it does work, but only one of them spin very slowly. i have check my circuit and re-calibrate my time,how can i do

youtube video describe problem : https://youtu.be/NsUVBbc1TsM

Switch this ESC with another one located on the same vehicle to determine if the ESC or the PX4 setup of the ESC is the issue.


It seems like one wire from ESC to motor came loose.

Other (more difficult to fix) causes:

  • broken motor. Actually, the same issue but inside the motor.
  • broken ESC.

As @Omega8 mentioned. Switching motors, ESC, PWM outputs may help to find an issue or failed component.

thx,i have found my problem

one of my screw stuck my moter cause short circuit