3rd-party "Flip mode" coding tutorial

Newcomers to PX4 dev (like me) should find this page: px4 research log 10 - adding a new flight mode, fairly quickly.

The author tries to explain how to implement a new mode (Flip). Notwithstanding the well written article, the code is outdated and caused me great confusion. Is it possible for some developer to take a brief look, identify the faults in the code and determine if it is useful as a tutorial?

I’m also looking into rewriting this ‘Flip Mode’ and have coded a few lines already. I’m keen to share and discuss my progress. Being a newcomer myself, I’d like to ask “where and how?”

@Hs293Go You can contribute on the DevGuide

@Jaeyoung-Lim That I would like to

As it stands, I could probably correct the syntax and style, maybe even figure out how to get the rpy angles from vehicle_attitude’s quaternions. But the bigger problem is that the existing code intends to invoke a flip using a Mavlink command. That I could need some help.

which firmware version did you use? I’m intetrsted in code understanding and development. Were you able to update that tutorial with newest firmware version?