Working on jMAVSim using QGroundControl

Dear All,

I am new to this group and require some support regarding my simulator.

I have a Desert rotor GCS with QGroundControl and mission planner installed. In my laptop I have installed jMAVSim.

How do I control the AV in the simulator (laptop) using the joystick control at the GCS? It would be very kind if somebody could guide me on this?

Thanks and Regards,

Hi! Are you actually using PX4 or ArduCopter? I’m asking because this forum is for PX4 but given you are using MissionPlanner it might be that you’re using ArduCopter in which case users in the ardupilot forums are more likely to be able to help you.

Dear Julian,

Thank you for the reply.
I am using PX4. I had installed those software for understanding the difference between other mission planners.


Ok, in this case I suggest you follow this guide:

Thank you Julian,

As a novice, I would like to start with the setup being very simple. A Desertrotor GCS with Qgroundcontrol, a laptop with Jmavsim, no transmitter, no receiver, no pixhawk. I want to connect the GCS to the laptop using cable and simulate a flight. Is it possible?


I don’t know what Desertrotor GCS is but generally it sounds feasible if you plug the things together and figure out the missing pieces. That’s assuming you can program and understand these software pieces.